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Time for Digital

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Back in 2019 DJI released the first digital First Person View (FPV) system. Since then I’ve avoided even looking at any digital system for fear that I would “have” to get it without the required financial budget. Then along came the Caddx Walksnail Avatar VRX, lowering the entry price to digital from $600+ to a much more pocket friendly $250. Of course I got in on the pre-order and waited for the long cargo flight to arrive from China. After finishing a new 5″ quad build and connecting the VRX to my existing goggles I was blown away by the picture quality. Yes, everyone already knows how much better digital FPV is but this was only the second time I’ve seen it in person.

I have a Mobula7 HD 75mm analog whoop that records 1080p video on board the quad but flying inside a large building like a college fieldhouse still has its problems. Next step . . . digital whoop! The following video was shot completely with my new Moblite7 1S HD Walksnail 75mm digital whoop and it was perfect! I hope you like it.

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