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Hall of Fame Performance

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During the “Whoop the Halls” event at Flite Test last year I helped shoot some b-roll for the National Aviation Hall of Fame “Why I Fly” series. You’ll see me in my ugly Christmas sweater and goggles flying my whoop… Read More »Hall of Fame Performance

Fun At Flite Test

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I spent the holiday day off with friends at Flite Test headquarters. There’s a reason this is my happy place.

Fresh Air

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An unseasonably warm afternoon allowed Doug and me to play outside for a bit. He took in all the good smells of non-winter.

Time for Digital

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Back in 2019 DJI released the first digital First Person View (FPV) system. Since then I’ve avoided even looking at any digital system for fear that I would “have” to get it without the required financial budget. Then along came… Read More »Time for Digital

It’s Back!

All is right in the world . . . East Coast Original Custard is back open after their annual one month shut down. Of course I visited!

Happy Birthday

40th birthday hugs to my good friend David. Also, hugs aren’t as good as they used to be.